Flowers and other Plants

Our annuals

Here are examples of what you may find in our greenhouse.

Why not dream in color all summer long?

In full sun or in shade, annual flowers are colorful from day one to the end of the season. You’ll be amazed by our selection of traditional and exotic annual plants.

You can choose from our unique creations of Victorian baskets and patio pots or you can let your creativity run wild and make your own.

Tips : Do not forget to remove faded flowers during the season, this promotes abundant flowering. The key to success also lies in the use of good potting soil and regular addition of fertilizer.

Our Perennials

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Gardener of one day or gardener of the year ? You need something that will last ?

Perennials are a must for the gardener who plans for the longer term and who wants to see his flowerbeds grow from one year to the next. Indeed, perennials have no limit in terms of textures, colors, shapes or scents. A succession of blooms that will delight you season after season.

A visit to our perennial garden and you will be won over by our inventory of wintered perennials adapted to our area. Although most perennials are relatively easy to maintain, our garden has something for all tastes and budgets.

Take advantage of our wise advice from producers in order to bet on sure values. The more adventurous will also find more special varieties such as peonies or our lilies. You will be impressed by our collections of daylilies, hostas or echinacea.

First Tip: in order to have a flowery and enchanting decor all season long, select your perennials according to their flowering periodCreate style and rhythm by adding perennials with special foliage such as ferns or grasses.

Second Tip : A little planning will ensure success in your landscaping. Why not share your successes with us by sharing your photos with us!

Our Water Plants

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Creating a water garden can provide you a beautiful place for peace and rejuvenation. However, it is important to choose the plants wisely in order to recreate a natural and viable habitat.

Your water garden must include plants from these four (4) groups in order to maintain its balance:

  • Floating plants, which provide shade and freshness to the water;
  • Oxygenating plants, which bring oxygen and purify;
  • Emergent plants which serve as habitat for the fauna and
  • Water Lilies which create shade and embellish by their flowering. Also if you respect certain basic rules, it will remain clear and limpid.

Tips : Make sure there is no variation in the water level in order to enjoy the blooms of your water lilies. Remove dead leaves or debris as you go. Don’t forget to clean the pump and don’t forget bacteria, especially in hot weather.

Prevention is better than cure, check the color and clarity of your water regularly.


Our Tropical and Houseplants

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A flowerbed in the tropics

Tropical plants or houseplants can bring a whole ambience to your backyard.