Soil and Mulch

Soil and Mulch

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The right product for the right plant!

At les Serres M.Quenneville, we advocate a more preventive approach to plant health. Indeed, the use of adequate soil and a regular fertilizer’s supply, combined with regular scouting, in addition to a selection of resistant plants will often save you from having to use more products and will allow you to get more from your garden.

Tip: The quality of the soil is the guarantee of your success with your plants. Do not hesitate to use a good soil rich in nutrients, minerals and organic matter. If you want to feed your soil in addition to your plants: use an organic fertilizer.

The nutrients will remain in the soil for the plant’s future use, while a synthetic fertilizer will immediately supply the plant with the nutrients it needs and the excess will be washed away

In order to make the most of your flower beds, do not hesitate to use geotextile fabric and different types of mulch. This will save you a lot of weeding, will maintain some humidity and repel insects.