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Our Trees and Shrubs

List of trees and shrubs available.

Want to make the most of your garden?

Whether for its shape, colors, foliage or fruits, choosing a tree is an important decision that is best made with full knowledge of the facts.

Ask our team to find the variety that will best suit your needs and that will structure your décor.

Conseil : Remember that it is possible to plant a tree as soon as you can work the the ground. The use of mycorrhizae will promote rooting. Do not forget to offer your new companion an good environment for his development by providing good soil and fertilizer if necessary. A healthy tree will more easily defend itself against attacks by predators, such as insects, and will more easily withstand extreme weather conditions.

In our nursery, you will find ton of spring, summer and autumn flowering shrubs, trees with small and large deployment and of course our series of roses.