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Your Garden, Our Know-How

The snow is gone, the temperature rises, the playoffs are on, and we swap our winter boots for sandals or – even better – rubber boots. Summer is back and we want to make the most of it! The patio is where everyone gets together, flower beds warm up and it’s time to landscape the pool. With so many project ideas, it’s time to head for M. Quenneville Greenhouses!

Nadia, Dominic and their team have been thinking of you, and began preparations for the growing season many weeks before. They have eye-popping arrays of plants of all kinds and everything you need for gardening projects large or small.

Each year, Nadia and Dominic offer exciting new varieties of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetable plants. They carefully test new varieties to ensure that their clients can continue to rely on their expertise and know they are getting only the best. A carefully blended custom soil mix is used in all M. Quenneville Greenhouses planted baskets. This ensures the plants’ continued vigour right up until fall frosts.

The couple, who are now in their 10th year of operation, have seen many style changes in the industry since they finished their studies. There are fewer trays of single varieties for planting, and tastes have continuously evolved. “With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, work, hobbies, cottages and such, people are looking for easy solutions and fast results,” says Nadia, “that’s why we propose combos in all categories – annuals, vegetables and herbs. It’s the equivalent of a take-out meal!” Her suggestions for this season: the 12-inch combo basket with Boldly geraniums, vegetable-garden-in-a-container, and herb assortments to plant near the kitchen.

“Many things change but not everything”, says Dominic. “People still like to enhance their properties by planting trees. And with smaller lot sizes these days, we have a great selection of trees that don’t take up much space but offer tons of advantages – privacy, shade, and disease resistance.” M. Quenneville Greenhouses offers proven varieties that they’ve tested and can recommend with confidence. Dominic’s favourites this year: Toba hawthorn, Quick Fire hydrangea, and Prairie Fire crabapple.

Whether you’re thinking of growing vegetables, planting a butterfly garden, marking a special event by planting a tree, or landscaping your whole property, Nadia and Dominic with their team of experts will guide you to success!


M. Quenneville Greenhouses is a complete garden centre where you’ll find everything you need for gardening projects large and small.

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